„Ein Leben, ein Abenteuer beginnt..“

„Ein Shirt, ein Hemd, ein Kleidungsstück,
Ein einziges, das dich schützt, warm hält“

„Man reist mit ihm, springt ins kalte Wasser“

„In allen Facetten und Formen - scheiss auf die Normen“

„Feiert Nächte durch und Tage drüber“

„Es muss was erleben, Geschichte schreiben“

„Einfach sein und bitteschön doch kompliziert“

„Dich gut aussehen lässt“

„Ich will es in
Farbe tunken“

„Und du trägst es, ja liebst es wie ein guter Freund,
eine Erweiterung, ja eine Verbesserung deines Selbst
und deiner Umwelt“

2Nd BA Semester: Second Project

I was inspired to write A poetry slam about a simple and nevertheless fascinating shirt about how one can change it, make adventures and write history with it. The poetry slam was interpreted with three new created outfits in a video.

4th BA Semester: Fourth Project

A “dyed hyde“ is a cow skin or any sort of animal skin that has been dyed a color or pattern- but my friend uses it as in like a man with “dyed” skin from a bunch of tattoos.  This quote embodies the clothes I made for my own creative gang- their second skin. This collection performs a revival, an anti-type to my latest collection in the form of their appearance. The video shows the gang in their own reality, where they are captured.

3rd BA semester: Third Project

These creations were all about our every day - characterized by a hectic lifestyle and too much traffic. Traffic is interpreted in this piece as traffic between people. Clothes that are made for three different necessities that everbody knows while travelling. These three characteristics should change the daily routine traffic with their appearance and clothes as seen on the screen. The mission: a daily routine encounter more like on the dancefloor.

2nd BA semester:

Silhouettes were created through simple fabric
cutouts and latex-color.
As seen in the film, favorite parts of the body were the focus and accentuated. These parts were the attack surface for the battle.

1st BA Semester: First Project

The concept I chose was centered around how one can express their character through the medium of eclectic and wild fashion. So, with this in mind, I used a personal existing quality and transformed it into wearable crazy clothes and acts.